“Goodbye Obesity”

On September 24, 2019, a health fair was organized for the community of Barrio Lindo with a population of approximately 3,600. This community is actually our neighboorhood and many of the people we have been reaching since we moved here in 2011.

The health fair was based on the theme of obesity, with the title being “Goodbye Obesity”. Many of the people we work with are overweight and in need of education on healthful eating. Our mission is to change people’s lifestyles to prevent them from getting sick in the first place.

Many of the people we spoke with have a desire to change their eating habits. They realize their lack of education on healthful eating and realize that in order to have a healthy, disease-free life, they must change. Some have asked us to teach them healthful cooking and to sell them healthy food.

With this kind of receptiveness, we have been able to present to our neighbors the health message. We really have been surprised at how the Lord opens people’s hearts through what they are eating. And it is now our desire to continue working with our neighbors in this area of health. We want to show love and care for all those seeking to better their lifestyles.

Health fairs like these provide us the opportunity to talk about God. When you have the people’s attention and they are receptive to the health message they are receiving, it is much easier to talk to them about what the Lord wants from us. This is really our true purpose in the health message, leading people to Christ.

As the Clinic continues to grow, we pray that more volunteers will come and help us fill our other rolls. If you have a desire to help in growing this project of health in Bolivia, please feel free to contact us. The clinic has so much potential to offer and we are just only starting to see what is possible!